CycleX houses a vintage Sears, Roebuck and Co. KIT BARN (circa 1900 - 1930). The "Cyclone" barn with Gothic roof construction was prefabricated, already cut and fitted as barn delivery to the farm lands. At current time, the barn still stands by route 28. We seek to renovate the barn into a communal space where projection, lectures, presentation, performance, meals can be held. In addition, CycleX plans to build mobile off-the-grid artists' studio units up on the hills.

CycleX seeks partnerships in these areas -

(1) Architecture schools who engage in practicing living art -
to renovate the farm’s existing structures and build housing units to host residency projects.
(2) Organic farmers -
We accept proposals from farmers of all regions to engage in cultivating the farm land.
(3) Residency partners -
We seek residency partners who engage in Bio-farming and Bio-Art.