CycleX is located on 23 acres farm land in Andes, New York of the Catskill Mountain Region. The region's history has been shaped to a great degree by its geography and topography and by the people who have settled in its upland terrain. Dubbed "First American Wilderness" , the Catskill mountain forest preserve is comprised of thousands of acres of forever wild forest land, mountain streams, rivers, rugged mountains, working farmland and villages.

CycleX states its mission -
The designation of green field as medialab connecting farmers and artists.
The exchange of knowledge/labor between field & urban farmers.
The sustainability of the land exploring technology and biofarming.
The practice of emergent media art focusing on bio-technoligies.
The utilization of local resources and cross platform collaboration.
The assignment of a barter economics fluctuated by human factors.
The networking between farms and artists across nation borders.

Current projects
2017 (ongoing) - [Mycelium Network Society] (project in development)
2018 (ongoing) - seeking [design/architecture/farming/residency partners]