*ADOPT AN ACRE - CycleX landshare initiative*

In Spring 2024, CycleX launches its landshare initiative with three areas of focus:

(1) LAND SHARE - we acknowledge CycleX is located on the indigenous land. We want to establish cooperative landshare, granting self-substained individuals or groups to each take up one acre of land while leaving enough shared land for common interests/community engagement.

(2) FARM-to-GEEKS - giving geeks (in broader sense) access to land and the opportunity to get their hands dirty, to expand the definition of connectivity, to apply computational technology into aspects of food cultivation and environmental considerations.

(3) GEEKCAMP - blurring the boundaries of farmers and geeks, the GEEKCAMP gathers city and local folks on the camp ground to maintain a free feral land for communal endeavors, to share and process knowledge, and upkeep collective resilience.

During the 3 weekends in March - May 2024, CycleX invites selected land share candidates for a farm visit. Along with visiting the farmland, walking the trails and sharing food, we would like to have round table discussion and have personal conversations with each individual on (1) If granted ONE acre land access, what would you plan to do? And how is that related to your practice (land, artistic, cultural and communal) (2) Can you imagine a Co-Op co-management of the cycleX land? How would you envision your relationship with other co-op owners in terms of sharing the land?