Shu Lea Cheang (Chairperson, Director) is an artist/filmmaker/networker whose work aims to re-envision genders, genres, and operating structures. She has been working with artists/farmers communities at the Catskills region since the 80s. As a net art pioneer, her Brandon (1998-1999) was the first web art commissioned by New York's Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.  She has also created large installation and performance while engaged in network building and seeds/compost/bio-diversity related projects.

John Carson Woo (Vice chairperson, Director) is co-founder and President of Woo Art International, a New York based creative services and visual communications firm founded in 1980. He is Executive Director for Asian CineVision, the New York based not-for-profit media arts organization, presenter of the Asian American International Film Festival (since 1978). Besides being a passionate film producer and creator for network series, John is devoted in making soup stocks and pickling vegetables for near future.

Jennifer Fong (Executive Director) is a veteran indie film producer, concerned citizen and activist. She is Executive Producer of branding, strategy and design of Los Angeles-based media company Ferroconcrete; at work on a graphic novel based on Shanghai Garden, her family's restaurant in Philadelphia’s Chinatown; and on the board of Court Watch LA. She has been cultivating an urban jungle garden at her home base with beehives, fruit trees (avocados, citrus, pomegranates, feijoa, fig), and glimpses of fungal entanglement.

Erwin Karl (Site Manager, Technical Director) has been involved in building maintenance, construction and agriculture at the CycleX farm for more than a decade and currently serves as site manager. His projects in mycology, permaculture, beekeeping, canning and wildcrafting build upon pursuits cultivated while growing up in a family that grew produce and kept livestock. He shares his interests by co-hosting the Farm Hour on WIOX (91.3 FM), and leading hikes and cultivation workshops for Catskill Fungi, Mid Hudson Mycological Association, and the Michael Kudish Natural History Preserve.